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Montessori teachers wishing to apply for any of the positions advertised should contact the advertiser directly.  Please view the full job specifications for the Montessori school or nursery contact details.

Please only apply for jobs you are qualified for and please read the requirements for each job carefully.  During the development of this site, many UK based Montessori schools stated how frustrating it was to receive applications from Montessori teachers outside the EU without a work permit. Being eligible to work in the UK is obviously essential.  Please also check the level of qualifications and experience required.  Some schools will only consider fully qualified Montessori teachers, whilst others, may simply want someone with some knowledge/interest and a willingness to train.

It must be stressed that this is a job posting website only, and not recruitment agency. We in no way vet applicants or schools.  This site plays no part whatsoever in the selection, interview, reference checking, hiring and contract stages of recruitment.

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